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  • What is the electronic paper

    1, The common Definitions: Electronic paper can also be called "electronic paper." First, it must have ce..

  • What is the HOTBAR?

    What is the HOTBAR?1, popular explanation:HOTBAR soldering, namely pulse is mainly used in LCD, PDP, mobile phone, etc. ..

  • What is the positional accuracy

    1, The common  explanation:Spatial location information (usually the coordinates) and its proximity between the tru..

  • What is the ITO

    What is the ITO1, The popular explanation: IndiumTinOxide, generally referred to as ITO.ITO thin film is a kind of ..

  • What is the PID

    What is the PID1, The popular explanation:PID is an important parameter in control system, control mode, refers to the r..

  • What is the CG

    What is the CG1, The popular explanation:CG technology has been widely used in the industries of TP, LCD, LCM, etc.All k..

  • What is the EPD

    What is the EPD1, The popular explanation:EPD can also be called "electronic paper".First, it must have some f..

  • What is this pressure beforehand

    What is this pressure beforehand1, The popular explanation:Using the head pressure, pressure head, temperature, time, op..

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